Contract Logistics

Contract Logistics

We integrate all the services involved in the import or export of your goods with competitive rates and high-quality service.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Supported by the most complete logistic group of the country
  • Centralization of all the services through a single contact of coordination
  • All the services billed on one invoice
  • Fast responses to urgencies
  • Savings in operational and administrative costs
  • Highly experienced and competent professionals

Who understands the service of Contract Logistics?

  • Customs


    We provide customs clearance services under any of the customs procedures. Our detailed, but fast work assures to speed up the complex customs process. Optimizing the work, we will avoid delays, fines, and penalties, that will release your cargo with no complication. 

  • Warehousing


    We offer storage services under Bonded or Simple Warehouse in facilities located in strategic places, with the conditions that your cargo requires.

    Additionally, we provide any extraordinary service that you might require:

    • Re-packaging and labeling
    • Consolidation or deconsolidation
    • Cargo container verification
    • Transloading
    • Labor crew services
  • Transport


    We deliver your goods wherever you need nationwide. We assure it gets to the right place and at the right time through constant GPS monitoring, which guarantees a real-time control during all the journey. We have implemented all the security procedures for the protection of your cargo.

    We have a wide fleet of modern vehicles for general cargo, IMO, IQPF and reefer cargo. All of them are top class but we select the most appropriate transport for each product with the responsibility and the severity that every type of cargo deserves.

  • Distribution


    We transport our customers’ goods from their DC to any place nationwide in the required conditions. We use trustworthy ad-hoc trucks, monitored through GPS during the whole trip.

  • Additional services

    Advice and consultancy

    Our highly experienced team is always updated about the constant changes and complexities of the international commerce, which eases to the perfect solution to any need, maximizing benefits while minimizing risk.


    We set specialized teams who will dedicate full-time to our most demanding clients inside their own offices, creating synergies that allow to share the IT, to understand deeply our clients and, therefore, to provide them with our expertise in the most effective way.


Send us your requirement and we will get you the best solution on the market. Our team will be glad to help you.



Don´t lose the trace of your cargo. Get all the information about it through Antares Logistics Extranet, our cargo tracking system.

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We offer the best logistics solutions adapted to your business. We are committed to the satisfaction of our customers.