Freight Forwarding

Freight Forwarding

We arrange and manage the international transportation of your cargo, by sea or air and under any Incoterm. Our door-door service delivers your goods to and from anywhere in the world

Advantages and Benefits

  • Strategically allied with the global cargo agent Yusen Logistics.
  • Cost-Benefit analysis to present the best options for international transportation
  • Permanent control through the whole operation
  • Risk minimized with efficient management by constant tracing and keeping an open and effective line of communication with every stakeholder. 

Who understands the service of Freight Forwarding?

  • Air Cargo

    Air Freight

    We adapt to the rapidness that an air operation demands without losing sight of the detail work it needs for the arrival and the departure of every package. A fast way with low risk, ideal for urgent and high-value products.

  • Multimodal Transport

    Multimodal Transport

    Our multimodal transport solution combines effectively the different types of transportation, giving you the optimal mix between cost saving and delivery time, adapted to the necessity of every customer.

  • Sea Freight

    Sea Freight

    We work with different navy lines in order to have a wide option of routes and ensure the availability of the ETA or ETD required. We identify the best path with the optimal duration, according to our customers’ needs, with competitive prices for any cargo. 

  • Yusen Logistics Network

    Yusen Logistics Network

    We are strategically allied with one of the biggest cargo agents of the world. They are present with their own offices in the 5 continents and have experience in different industries. They offer an online tracking service for all the operations. Like Antares Logistics, their services integrate all the logistic chain, taking charge easily of all the operation out of Peru.

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Don´t lose the trace of your cargo. Get all the information about it through Antares Logistics Extranet, our cargo tracking system.

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